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Proven Local Leadership

For the past 15 years, Dany Fleming has been working to find solutions, create partnerships, and deliver results for a vibrant and healthy Harrisonburg. Anyone who knows Dany knows the energy, experience, and skills he brings for creative, practical ways for tackling our biggest challenges.


Dany has been a part of building and leading numerous efforts that have benefited our city and helped to create fairness and equity in our community. Dany’s citizen leadership includes:

  • Chair of the Harrisonburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority

  • Former member and past Chair of the Harrisonburg City School Board

  • Former member and past Chair of the Harrisonburg Board of Zoning Appeals

  • Member Student Wellness Committee of Harrisonburg City School's Strategic Planning

  • Former member Harrisonburg Parks and Recreation Commission

  • PTO President at Keister Elementary and Thomas Harrison Middle School

  • Youth sports volunteer leadership

  • Helping push through Harrisonburg’s landmark Elon Rhodes Early Learning Center and Bluestone Elementary School

  • Helping organize and establish our Martin Luther King Jr. Way street renaming

  • Part of the inaugural class of Harrisonburg Citizen’s Academy

  • Continuously standing for fairness and equity for all residents

Dany has worked consistently to find solutions and make them work, even in complex and contentious circumstances. 

Dany was born and raised in Harrisonburg and knows that it takes community leaders working together to create a welcoming, thriving community where people can live, work, and play. He knows Harrisonburg’s long history of rising to meet the challenges for people and families has been built on big ideas, determination, and cooperation. He also knows there are city decisions that need to be addressed to ensure that our community is working for everyone in a fair and just way.

Dany’s passion for making Harrisonburg a great place to live is matched by a lifetime of valuable civic service and business experience backed by solid results. Prior to returning to his hometown of Harrisonburg with his wife and two children, Dany spent 20 years working in Chicago with a broad array of local, state, and national leaders on issues of education, community and economic development, youth welfare and services, environmental stewardship, business development, and encouraging broad, diverse participation at all levels. During that time, he also worked in and trained South Africa’s NGO community and democratic government during the country’s transition to a post-Apartheid world. 

It is these skills and experiences that Dany brought back to Harrisonburg with the goal of contributing to Harrisonburg’s continued progress - and it is this leadership that he hopes to bring to Harrisonburg City Council.

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