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and Community Leaders

See what our community has to say about Dany!

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"Dany is an extremely qualified candidate for City Council because 1. He is thoroughly engaged in our community 2. He has a widespread understanding of how various aspects of our community operate; 3. He is gifted at analysis of complex situations and has the capacity to make well-informed decisions."
Jeff Heie - Director of Give Solar
"Dany has already made a difference on City Council in his support of affordable housing. His active and compassionate advocacy, his in-depth knowledge of the issues and processes, and his proactive participation in developing projects make him the ideal candidate to join us as a Council Member. His expertise will make this crucial priority a reality for the many in our midst who will be well-served by his direct involvement in the city. Dany also has a deep and broad knowledge of the issues of climate change, and a commitment to addressing these issues with proactive solutions. With a long history in the community for environmental action, he brings a balanced view of how we can make real progress toward our ambitious goals. I’ve worked with Dany on a variety of political campaigns, where his vision and commitment to progressive causes have helped transform the city. Dany is a valuable asset to the community, and I look forward to his joining us on City Council."
Laura Dent- Harrisonburg City Councilwoman
Dany is a leader who has shown a sustained commitment to his community and the people  of Harrisonburg.  As a School Board member he diligently represented the continued development of our students, while being a responsible steward of the taxpayers' dollar.  Dany has a history of driving tangible results, even when those around him mired down progress through bureaucracy and ideological rhetoric.  If you are looking for a representative more interested in real, sustainable progress than fleeting soundbites, look no further than Dany Fleming.  No ego, no agenda, just a commitment to the people of Harrisonburg.
Steve Barranco- former Chair of the Harrisonburg City School Board
Dany was one of the first people I met when I  moved to this area. I was invited to attend a meeting at Dany’s home.  The topic of conversation was: how to make Harrisonburg a better and inclusive place to live.  As I sat listening to the various attendees, I remember thinking: “Wow they are on right track”. 
I had four years to formulate an opinion of this guy, who invited me into his home to participate in a very results oriented conversation.   Since then I have observed Dany at every event or meeting attempting to meet the goals and objectives that were established at that meeting.
With that said and with great pride, l’m giving my full support to Dany Fleming for city council.  The man that not only talks the talk, he walks the walk!
Elizabeth Nathanson- past Chair of the Harrisonburg NAACP
Dany has the experience, commitment, and vision Harrisonburg needs to ensure the Friendly City has a resilient future where everyone can thrive. He has proven his leadership abilities on School Board, as well as in his work on the HRHA board, bringing compassionate and innovative solutions to meet the city's biggest challenges. Dany up to the task to help lead Harrisonburg to become a city that works for all of us.
Brent Finnegan- Chair of the Harrisonburg Planning Commission
I feel that Dany is willing to take time to explore the data and evidence required to understand the complexity of the challenges facing our community. He is able to listen to the experiences of perspectives of others and to synthesize these perspectives into a holistic approach for addressing these challenges that represents diverse interests and experiences. 
Dr. Rob Alexander- Co-Director of JMU's Institute for Constructive Advocacy and Dialogue
"Dany has been a constant voice for inclusion and diversity. He has a deep understanding of our city's history, culture and demographics. Dany is willing to stand up for his beliefs even when not in the majority. He is approachable, respectful and an overall great person during my interactions with him. I believe, Dany will make a very good representative on City Council."
MuAwia Dames- Harrisonburg Parks and Recreation Commissioner, Local Community and Business Leader
"Dany is a consistent and regular community leader working hard to help others, support the marginalized, and support those in need. I know him through a variety of community events and organizations. I have admired Dany's commitment to building a more inclusive community for years. His passion for helping others, building bridges, and working for equality is inspiring."
Charles Hendricks- Principal Gaines Group Architect. Community Leader

"Dany and I discussed many issues facing the city during our time together on the BZA and we shared a passion for looking thoroughly at problems that would arise, gathering information and evidence to make the most well-informed decision. He was always looking up information to share with the community as well as officials when it came to these issues and we would have some great conversations about them. As someone who is passionate about well thought out and evidence-based policy decisions, I am confident in Dany bringing that to the Harrisonburg City Council."

Matthew Phillippi- Chair of Board of Zoning Appeals

"Dany is one of the most passionate people about the City of Harrisonburg and its institutions that I know. He is a person of good will who has done a great job of listening to everyone and working to make the city an even better place to live and work."
Scott Gallagher- former Commissioner  of Harrisonburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority
"I've worked with Dany for several years to help increase Harrisonburg's renewal energy and energy efficiency efforts. He's provided valuable insights and offered relevant observations and recommendations. He's clearly supportive of his city and has been active for years. He has good ideas and is a great collaborator. I think he'd make an effective city leader."
Joy Loving- Community Climate Leader
"Wonderful community leader, supporter of public education. Loves the city and it’s citizens, trustworthy, vision, compassion."
Sam Nickels- Executive Director at Our Community Place

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