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My Vision for Harrisonburg

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Keep Harrisonburg Working

Keep our core services, utilities, and critical infrastructure operating to the high standards that have come to define Harrisonburg.

Create Opportunity

Build partnerships and solutions for some of Harrisonburg’s biggest challenges to turn them into opportunities and models for success. Those challenges include:

Housing, Child Care, and Transportation.

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Elon Rhodes Early Learning Center.jpg

Invest in Our Future

Fully support our public schools, its staff and leaders, and our children’s growth and successes. This is our most important investment and the heart of our future.

Support Expanding Economic Opportunities

Create opportunities for the growth and development of our small business community and expand those opportunities to those who have historically, and too often, not had sufficient access.

Bicycle Repair Shop

Build an Inclusive and
Sustainable Culture

For each and every thing we do in our city  - from city government to our business and civic communities and to each of us individually - it is critical that we approach our future and help each other by:

  • constantly advocating for fairness and equity for everyone;

  • supporting smart and sustainable solutions for a healthy community and environment; and 

  • striving to bridge differences, listening, and building collaboration.

If we do this, we will build on our city’s successes, meet and exceed our challenges, and have the vibrant community we all strive for and call home.

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