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Leadership, Vision, Results

Our diverse economy, strong educational institutions, rich agriculture foundation, striking beauty and natural resources, and engaged and caring residents have made Harrisonburg a unique and thriving community in Virginia. 


Still, there are too many that have not been able to fully participate in and benefit from all that’s available here. The history and lessons from Harrisonburg’s successes and mistakes point to an opportunity for us to continue making our city a stronger and healthier community.


I am running for Harrisonburg City Council to help build on our city’s successes, turn our challenges into opportunities, and grow an inclusive and sustainable future. 

- Dany

“Dany is an extremely qualified candidate for City Council because 1. He is thoroughly engaged in our community 2. He has a widespread understanding of how various aspects of our community operate; 3. He is gifted at analysis of complex situations and has the capacity to make well-informed decisions.”

Jeff Heie, Director of GiveSolar

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